Denison Wins Record 17th NCAC All-Sports Title

Denison Wins Record 17th NCAC All-Sports Title

2018-19 NCAC FINAL All-Sports Update

Denison won five outright league titles in field hockey, women's soccer, men's swimming & diving, men's lacrosse and women's lacrosse, shared the league title with Wabash and Wittenberg in football and posted eight additional top-five finishes during the 2018-19 academic year to win its league-leading 17th North Coast Athletic Conference All-Sports Championship.

After trailing DePauw in the All-Sports standings after the winter season by just one-half point, the Big Red captured the trophy after logging top-five finishes in seven of the 10 spring sports to earn 165.5 total all-sports points and a three-point victory in the final standings over Wooster. Among Denison’s eight additional top-five finishes, five were second-place showings in baseball, women's basketball, men's tennis, women's tennis, and women's swimming & diving. The Big Red also added third-place finishes throughout the year in men's soccer, softball and women's golf.

Wooster, which has won five All-Sports titles, took second in the final standings just behind Denison with 162.5 points. The Fighting Scots earned top-five finishes in 21 championship sports, which included winning conference titles in men's basketball and baseball. DePauw placed third with 155.5 points after logging 16 top-five finishes with four league titles in men's cross country, women’s basketball, women’s golf and softball. Ohio Wesleyan finished fourth in the final standings with 140.0 points, capturing 10 top-five finishes, while Kenyon checked in at fifth with 136.0 points after earning four league championships in men’s soccer, women’s swimming & diving, men’s tennis and women’s tennis.

Wittenberg, which won its league-leading 24th volleyball championship, 10th-consecutive men’s golf championship and a share of the football title, finished sixth overall with 131.0 points, while Oberlin finished seventh with 115.5 total points, which included league titles in women’s cross country, women's indoor track & field and women's outdoor track & field. Allegheny finished eighth with 102.5 points and eight top-five finishes, while Wabash finished ninth with 75.0 points in 11 men's sports including league titles in men’s indoor track & field and men’s outdoor track & field and a share of the football title. Hiram finished 10th overall with 38.5 total points. 

The All-Sports champion earns the Dennis M. Collins All-Sports Trophy, given annually to the school that performs the best across the NCAC's 23 sports. Ten points are awarded for a first-place finish, nine for a second, eight for a third, and so on. Men's and women's performances are combined, exemplifying the North Coast's commitment to equity and balance among programs. Wooster won three of the first four All-Sports championships, interrupted only by Denison in year two. Ohio Wesleyan followed with a six-year run, leading to titles by Wooster (twice), Wittenberg (once), Denison (nine), OWU (twice), and then a tie between Denison and OWU in 2009. Wittenberg earned its second All-Sports title in 2010, followed by Denison in 2011 and DePauw in 2012. Denison then claimed back-to-back titles in 2013 and 2014, before DePauw regained the championship in 2015. The Big Red then reclaimed the title during the 2015-16 academic year, while DePauw recaptured the prize again in 2016-17 before Denison took back the title once again last year.

Ohio Wesleyan leads the way with 155 team championships during the NCAC's 35 playing seasons. Denison is next with 148 titles, followed by Kenyon (121), Allegheny (117), Wittenberg (107), Wooster (84), DePauw (29), Wabash (25), Oberlin (22) and Hiram (2).

North Coast Athletic Conference 2018-19
All-Sports Standings

Men's Standings   1. Denison 165.5   Women's Standings
1. Wooster  80.5   2. Wooster 162.5    1. Denison 89.0
2.  Denison 76.5   3. DePauw 155.5    2. DePauw  84.5
3. Wabash  75.0   4. Ohio Wesleyan  140.0    3.  Wooster  82.0
4.  DePauw 71.0   5. Kenyon 136.0    4.  Kenyon 80.0
  Ohio Wesleyan  71.0   6. Wittenberg 131.0    5.  Wittenberg  76.0
6.  Kenyon 56.0   7. Oberlin 115.5    6.  Oberlin 69.5
7.  Wittenberg 55.0   8. Allegheny 102.5    7.  Ohio Wesleyan   69.0
8. Allegheny 53.0   9. Wabash* 75.0    8.  Allegheny 49.5
9.  Oberlin 46.0   10. Hiram 38.5    9.  Hiram  25.5
10.  Hiram 13.0     * - Wabash is an all-male institution